Art by Sabine Joost-Boehle


Come Visit!

A two-artist show by
June 13 - June 30

Piermont Fine Arts Gallery
218 Ash St, Piermont, New York
Thursday & Sunday 1 PM - 6 PM
Friday & Saturday 1 PM - 9 PM     

  1. 'In the center of the 'I'
    'In the center of the 'I'
  2. 'Freedom'
  3. 'The Space between Us'
    'The Space between Us'
  4. 'Anti Gravity'
    'Anti Gravity'
  5. 'Spaces Between'
    'Spaces Between'
  6. 'We Belong Together' II
    'We Belong Together' II
  7. 'We Belong Together' I
    'We Belong Together' I
  8. 'We Belong Together' III
    'We Belong Together' III
  9. 'We Belong Together' IV
    'We Belong Together' IV
  10. '7 Worlds'
    '7 Worlds'
  11. 'Northern Lights'
    'Northern Lights'
  12. 'Trust your Intuition'
    'Trust your Intuition'
  13. 'Blue Rain'
    'Blue Rain'
  14. 'World of Plenty'
    'World of Plenty'
  1. 'What I meant to say'
    'What I meant to say'
  2. 'Unity I'
    'Unity I'
  3. 'The Beginning of...'
    'The Beginning of...'
  4. 'The calm before the Storm'
    'The calm before the Storm'
  5. 'Pure Joy'
    'Pure Joy'
  6. 'Stepping over the Lines'
    'Stepping over the Lines'
  7. 'Every Tree tells a Story'
    'Every Tree tells a Story'
  8. 'Indifferent Directions'
    'Indifferent Directions'
  9. 'I can see you'
    'I can see you'
  10. 'Nature's Whisper'
    'Nature's Whisper'
  11. 'Change has never felt better'
    'Change has never felt better'
  12. 'Love at first sight'
    'Love at first sight'
  13. 'Sweet Dreams'
    'Sweet Dreams'
  14. 'Wisdom'
  15. 'Kaleidoscopic World I'
    'Kaleidoscopic World I'
  16. 'Kaleidoscopic World' II
    'Kaleidoscopic World' II
  17. 'Yellow Brick Road I'
    'Yellow Brick Road I'
  18. 'Yellow Brick Road II'
    'Yellow Brick Road II'
  19. 'Kaleidoscopic World' IV
    'Kaleidoscopic World' IV
  20. 'Kaleidoscopic World' III
    'Kaleidoscopic World' III
  21. 'Unity II'
    'Unity II'
  22. 'Lady in Red'
    'Lady in Red'